Lake Issues Can Be Solved As A Group

To The Reader’s Forum:

Hats off to County Executive George Borrello for his newly formed committee to help manage the welfare of Chautauqua Lake.

The concept is very simple. Each town that borders Chautauqua Lake along with lake agencies, will be equally represented and work together with county officials. Maybe this committee will be able to restrain the various “ABC” and “XYZ” groups around the lake and perhaps put an end to all the bickering, infighting and frivolous lawsuits that we have seen in the past.

The residents of Chautauqua County deserve better when it comes to managing one of our county’s biggest resources. This group or committee can now present a unified front to tackle the administration of this great resource. There is no single solution to the problems that trouble our lake, but by only working together, will be able to move forward in the goal of a better Chautauqua Lake for all.

Will Ortman,