Farm Women United Condemn Provisions

To The Reader’s Forum:

Farm Women United (FWU), has issued an unequivocal condemnation of the dairy provisions of the 2018 Farm Bill. Hurriedly passed by both the House and the Senate during December’s lame-duck session, giving dairy farmers no time to examine the dairy provisions, the 2018 Farm Bill was quickly signed into law by President Trump, who, like Congress, chooses to remain out of touch with the victims of these morally bankrupt federal dairy “policies.”

The 2018 Farm Bill dairy provisions are an insult to the thousands of American dairy farmers already bowed down under the weight of staggering debt piled on them since Congress and President Obama approved the 2014 Farm Bill. Unjust financial burdens have brought on despair, family break-up, financial collapse, and suicides since the equally defective 2014 Farm Bill did nothing to make sure federal milk prices include “cost of production” for dairy farmers.

In view of the fact that dairy farmers have been disregarded throughout the entire 2018 Farm Bill process, FWU demands that the 2018 Farm Bill be “OPENED” to fix the milk pricing problem. FWU is calling once again for a $20 per cwt Emergency Floor Price under milk used for manufacturing and for multiple federal field hearings to get to the bottom of the systemic dairy corruption and failed federal policies that keep dairy farmers’ milk prices so far below the cost of production. It is long past time that Farm Bills be moved forward to ensure that the farmers who produce the nation’s food be treated with the dignity, respect, and the financial reward they have earned from their labor.


Tina Carlin,

Executive Director,

Farm Women United

Laceyville, Pa.


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