Will Accusers Apologize To President Trump?

To The Reader’s Forum:

Does any one of us believe that making things up about someone to ruin them is new? Quite possibly it’s been happening since the begin of civilization.

Remember “you too, Brutus?” Is it smart to accuse someone of something that will take a long time to prove or disprove? Meanwhile it’s in people’s heads that the accused is guilty. What a grand political strategy. Even if you are proven innocent, the damage is already done. Such as a prosecutor in an important trial that states an incriminating allegation (not necessarily true) about a defendant, the opposing lawyer objects — the judge states the objection is sustained; the prosecutor withdraws the question — but the lie is in the minds of the people and the jury. The damage is already done.

If the Mueller investigation leans toward the innocence of the President, will the people who tried to ruin the man apologize? I think not!

David Andalora,



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