Restoring Air Service

To The Reader’s Forum:

It is very important that Chautauqua County take steps to reconnect with the rest of the world.

The very astute and succinct summary of the recent air travel prospects provided by the Cohens in their letter in the Post Journal on 2/24/19 could serve as a guide map for an interim solution.

Regional attractions have made it necessary to draw people to our area in order for them to thrive. These attractions must thrive if they are to provide the economic impetus which is the purpose of their existence. It should be possible, using existing assets, to stimulate local services to expand shuttle services to get to Buffalo and Erie. This could stimulate local demand and, if promoted, increase demand from persons arriving and departing from our local attractions.

It would be beneficial to re-define our airport as a Transportation Center. It has many assets to be developed, the terminal building, the extensive parking and the fixed base operator should all be encouraged and energized.

If the “Transportation Center” should become a hub of local activity, as it once aspired to be, there would be ample air services to meet the need — and it could all happen if we didn’t ever get another subsidized air carrier.

It would be a worthy objective to get the assets in place working in todays market place.

Ollie Erickson