Reader Questions The Legalization Of Pot

To The Reader’s Forum:

I’m sure most people have strong feelings about the legalization of cannabis in New York state. Perhaps someone can clear up my questions?

It is very effective as a medical treatment for epilepsy, along with other conditions, and should be controlled legally?

A majority believe it to be the gateway drug to heroin and most other addictive drugs. This has led to the present successful opioid treatment but (also an epidemic), because of its misuse and overuse which has resulted in the death of so many of our young people?

I have talked to young men who liken the use of marijuana to the use of alcohol. If it would be legal and taxed by the state it would become a great — income source?

Are you telling me that our government is willing to swap the lives our young people by legalizing marijuana in order to increase its — tax base?

Please tell me that I am wrong?


Leo A. Wilcox



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