Harvesting Weeds In Lake Is Ineffective

To The Reader’s Forum:

I wish to commend Chautauqua County Executive George Borrello for his efforts in bringing about a cohesive comprehensive plan for the immediate and long-term health and welfare of Chautauqua Lake.

As a lake resident, I find the Chautauqua Lake Association’s position, as stated in The Post-Journal on March 5, most discerning. It is obvious that Mr. Stage and Mr. Conroe, as the leadership of the CLA, are more interested in doing the bidding for the Chautauqua Institution than the welfare of our lake. Their requests to the NYSDEC are a replication of the two court filings by the institution, which have both been dismissed. Mr. Conroe, as a former employee of the institution, and the CLA, as self-proclaimed “stewards of the lake,” apparently feel the interests of the institution take precedence over lake property owners.

The CLA should face the reality that harvesting invasive species in many ways is ineffective and misdirected, simply allowing uncollected cuttings to sink to the lake bottom and re-root, fostering new plants. Harvesting in conjunction with a total management plan can be a useful process, but it needs NYSDEC direction and control. If the CLA cannot see the importance of a comprehensive lake plan, then I am afraid the short term and long term health of Chautauqua Lake is not one of their priorities and perhaps available funding should be directed to other lake entities.

Gary Peters Sr.,

West Ellicott


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