CLP Responds To CLA Comments

To The Reader’s Forum:

As our practice in most cases, the Chautauqua Lake Partnership will not respond to specific allegations or comments made by the Chautauqua Lake Association (CLA) President and Executive Director in a March 5, 2019, Jamestown Post-Journal article. However, we’ll make a couple exceptions in this case.

It’s unfortunate CLA management feels it necessary to pass judgment on County Executive Borrello’s Weed Management Consensus Strategy before a draft has been released. The Partnership appreciates Mr. Borrello’s leadership, is hopeful for a result which moves lake improvement efforts forward and reserves judgment until results are released.

Regarding the CLA’s list of herbicide-related concerns and claims, most of which we’ve heard before, we’re fortunate to have a formal highly-structured process to review the use of aquatic herbicides in New York state waters such as Chautauqua Lake. That process, consistent with State laws and regulations and administered by experts in the Department of Environmental Conservation, is being used as municipality herbicide permits are considered for Chautauqua Lake.

Dr. Jim Cirbus, CLP President, Bemus Point

Jim Wehrfritz, CLP Vice President, Bemus Point


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