Reader Disagrees With State Abortion Law

To The Reader’s Forum:

Isn’t it amazing at how much publicity has been dedicated to controlling the problem of weed growth and the demise of our lake, but not until January 27 did we realize that our state Legislature was even discussing abortion?

Of all days to publish this news the Post-Journal chose Sunday. So now our glorious state is not only the leader of killing babies by aborting them, it has made the procedure even more available and, I might add, more dangerous. This new law cancels the previous in that a woman ned not be in a hospital. Any storefront will do. The presence of a doctor is not necessary. Prior to this the death of a pregnant woman was charged as a double homicide. Under this new law the infant is not considered a person.

In 2005 there were over 56 million abortions registered. That was the same as the combined population of California and Texas (our two most populous states at the time). That eliminated one-third of the next generation. If you are at all alert, just count! Schools are closing, churches are closing. We don’t have enough teachers. We don’t have enough nurses. In this area alone we need two or three schools together to make a football team or basketball team. The high school in Bemus which accommodated grades nine through 12 now has grades six through 12. One of our elementary schools has been closed for years. They are now accepting pre-kindergarten children in the elementary school that’s left just to fill classrooms.

Anyone who claims to be a Christian is bound by the Ten Commandments. The fifth commandment clearly states, “Do not slay the innocent and righteous.” (Exodus 23:7). In the Sermon on the Mount, Christ repeats that commandment, “You shall not kill.”

Our sexuality is a God-given gift to propogate the species. Who on this planet is qualified to judge who lives and who dies. What kind of person can look at these beautiful babies, expedite their demise, and put them in plastic bags as “medical waste?”

What have we come to?

Charlotte D. Anderson

Bemus Point


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