Cuomo Has Opened The Legislative Floodgates

To The Reader’s Forum:

Instead of producing an economic and moral environment conducive for citizens to move to New York, our governor has another agenda to impose. Cuomo not only has “legally” erased distinctions between genders, he just passed a law to erase the lives of more babies. The law goes soft on criminals for assaulting a pregnant woman which kills the baby she wants. It allows an abortion up to seconds before birth and for whatever reason, like the baby emotionally traumatizing the woman for being the “wrong” sex. The invasive procedure doesn’t even require a doctor. No provision for the protection of conscience is afforded to institutions and health care professionals whose beliefs prohibit participation in abortion. Two words sum up the law: “More death”

Committed first to his culture-of-death progressivism, Cuomo forces the “right to life” written in the Constitution to go straight to the back of the bus where his Catholicism sits segregated and gagged as well. Where is the cry for justice from the left when their man of “white privilege” puts in place a law which leaves a writhing infant surviving a botched abortion to die a slow death alone on a cold steel surgical table? Cuomo’s law bars anyone from saving that abandoned child left for dead. Heartless, callous and unjust when known as the Abortion Expansion Act, leftist politicians euphamized the legislation by calling it the Reproductive Health Act. The only thing that it reproduces is death. Our Orwellian-like governor markets death as health. Who can’t see the chilling irony as his push for expanding death comes when our state is losing population in droves?

Thankfully, Assemblyman Goodell and Senator Young opposed this hate-life law. I’m also grateful for the thousands upon thousands in Washington, D.C., who marched not for themselves, but for those who cannot speak for themselves: unborn children. That truly showed a beautiful, encouraging and warm catholic spirit unlike the compromised Catholicism of Cuomo.

With vulgar slurs shouted at them from black racists and an in-your-face agitator drum-beating into their space, the Twitter-trashed, media-smeared and death-threatened Catholic boys wearing MAGA hats at the pro-life march demonstrated their faith far better than our window-dressed Catholic governor. Legally cheapening the sanctity of human life, the abortion beast of politicians, Andrew Cuomo, stabbed his own church in the back, opening the legislative floodgates all the way for the slaughter of innocents. May this dehumanizing act of debasing the sanctity of human life result in wholehearted repentance.

The Rev. Mel McGinnis