Comedy Center Would Benefit From New Signs, Parking Enforcement

To The Reader’s Forum:

Last Friday our daughter came up from Pittsburgh with the intention of touring the Comedy Museum.

She grew up here and although her adult life has been in Pittsburgh, she found it difficult to get to the museum. She never saw a sign with instruction as to where, exactly, she should turn to be in front of the building nad was frustrated with Second Street being one way. Something should be posted, for example, on Third going into town that best access would be to turn right on the street before the ice arena.

Certainly, people in charge should start at Exit 12 or any other entrance to the city and note “clear” directions to the best and easiest ways to get to the museum, then make them available. I can only imagine the sour note out-of-towners could have trying to find the museum. How about some guidance to parking as that was the next hindrance?

Well, she absolutely loved it and was still giggling when we got together later. When she was done after two and a half hours, she found a parking ticket on her car. People, we have a “gem” in our town, let’s to anything possible to make it a totally wonderful experience. For starters, how about no meters on the streets in front of the museum and the ice arena. Nobody should be proud of revenue gotten by the fining of guests in our town. If that idea is not well received by “City Hall” how about four-hour meters in that area.

Lastly, how about the museum having a sign, out of courtesy to the guests, that an average visit to the museum could easily take two and a half hours, so be aware of the two-hour meters currently in place.

We couldn’t be more proud of the ice arena, the Comedy Center, the Lucy Museum and all the other things going on in downtown Jamestown. Let’s please consider our guests in these areas.

John and Jean Lloyd