View From Another Side Of The March

To The Reader’s Forum:

In light of the recent media postings and Facebook articles I’m seeing about the MAGA teenagers harassing Native Americans after the March for Life in Washington, I felt it was appropriate to share my experiences at the march, because unfortunately, it’s not an experience that’s shared by the media.

This march was first and foremost a celebration of all human life and the glory of God that is present in each of us, born and unborn, young and old. What I have yet to see online is the reports of the spontaneous PRAYERS and SINGING that broke out during the march. People were happy, celebrating the gift of life that we’re chosen to have. There were no protests, no fires, no broken windows, no defaced statues, no SWAT teams, no National Guard; just thousands of Christians and non-Christians alike fighting for the lives of those who can’t yet – by praying and enjoying the life that they have, hoping to set an example. I was extremely grateful to have to opportunity to attend this trip with University Catholic and FOCUS missionaries, who helped instill meaning into this trip for me.

In regard to the boys harassing the Native Americans – they have been expelled from their school. This one incident does not define the march and should not be the only image you have from this beautiful event, but unfortunately it’s the only picture that many are being given. The media anger at these boys – for not giving those Native Americans the dignity that all life deserves – is well-placed. But I wish the media would have an even greater anger at those who support abortion-on-demand, those who REFUSE TO GIVE DIGNITY TO THE LIVES that God has given the unborn children. There is simply no difference.

Don’t be distracted by those boys, there were THOUSANDS of other people who were there with the right purpose.

God is good!

Andrew Pumford,