Put It In The Hands Of The People

I realize that Democrats are scarcer (and I guess scarier) than T-Rexs in this area, but we are just as concerned over the president’s shutdown as are Republicans. I received an eblast from our Congressman (Tom Reed)’s office with regard to the shutdown, and I’d like to share my response to Tom:

“Hi Tom. Indeed, why aren’t Republicans and Democrats talking to each other? I’m not there, so I dont know. But I know that I talk to you (Republicans) all the time, and it seems to go in one ear and out the other.

Here’s my proposal. If the president wants a wall, I have no objection. If he (or perhaps someone more articulate) can show me:

¯ where along the border the wall is to go;

¯ the reason that a wall is the only alternative for that location;

¯ what specific problem is situate at that specific location that a wall is ment to address and why that specific problem cannot be addressed by any other means;

¯ what the specs are for any wall intended to be constructed at that location;

¯ copies of any bids or cost projections, and the estimated timeframe, for construction of the wall at that location;

¯ what impact a wall at that location will have on the residents and communities in the area, the wildlife and environment at that area, and the citizens whom you plan to relocate through eminent domain processes.

Since it appears to me that Congress is unable to do this work itself, and the president clearly lacks the will to do it, then please put this in the hands of the American people and we will give you our recommendations. If the government can prove to us that a wall is the appropriate and only responsible solution for specific regions, then I’m sure the American people will be pleased to authorize you to spend that money. If not, then perhaps this process will elicit some genuinely appropriate and responsible solutions from the citizenry.