Laws Only Work If They Are Enforced

To The Reader’s Forum:

Today’s paper tells us of Gov. Como’s proposal to place a ban on plastic bags.

I own land with a large roadside ditch that has been the receptacle of all kinds of trash every year. I have picked up everything imaginable over the years. Many years ago probably in the late 1960s New York state enacted a law that require all plastic bags sold/used must be made of decomposeable material within a nine month period. I can only assume that this law is still in effect but like most other laws was never strictly enforced. I did watch the bags decompose but the law did not stop the trashy people from throwing out their trash.

While I agree that something must be done to slow down (stop would be impossible) the practice of roadside or any place else litter. I do not think that this proposal or anything else will stop the trash thrown out by uncaring people will stop this practice. There will still be plastic bags coming from neighboring states There will still fast food containers and every other kind of trash being dumped out. The proposed law will only be obeyed by the honest caring people and the rest will continue doing what they do now. Trashy people throw out everything. Caring people dispose of trash properly.

Laws only work if they are enforced and this one will only follow the path of what is on the books now. It will never make a difference.

Donald Zenns