A Letter To President Donald Trump

To The Reader’s Forum:

Dear “President” Trump,

I have watched you over the past two years plus. I think you either did not read your “job description” or you have made up your own. Here are a few points you missed:

¯ The President is the leader of the United States of America, not the ruler.

¯ The President is the leader of the United States, not the owner.

¯ The President is to choose cabinet members to advise him, not to always agree with you for fear of dismissal.

¯ The President is to support the will of the majority of Congress, not fight with them for his own will.

¯ The President will defend the United States and support the agreements of the Presidents before him or improve those agreements.

¯ The President should spread the moral and human values that this United States of America was founded on and all peoples are created equal and all have a chance of the great life that most of us have had.

Wayne E. Shelley