Taking Exception With Views On The Press

To The Reader’s Forum:

I grew up in Lakewood, as did my father before me. I must take exception to some of the points made by Margot Russell in her “Lakewood Lens” column in this paper on Saturday, December 22.

I do not agree that the “mainstream press…has lost its way”; indeed, they and the Democratic Party, along with prominent ex-Republicans like George Will, are among the few things we have left to put the brakes on the current reckless-and mindless-presidency we are now experiencing,

I (and many of my acquaintance) do not “hate” the president. What we hate is how he is dismantling our democracy for no better reason than to serve his own selfish purposes.

Talking about revolutions, Ms. Russell lauds those who protest globalism. In fact, they will go the way of the Luddites who tried to stop the Industrial Revolution; our modern way of life depends on both the Industrial Revolution and globalism. Have you ever thought about how it is you can buy fresh strawberries here in any month other than June?

The fact that “jobless rates are down below 5.9 percent” for African Americans is not much of an accomplishment when you consider that the overall unemployment rate is well below 4 percent.

The $100 billion “investment” proposal-and it is only a proposal at this point — Ms. Russell likes is what Republicans used to call “throwing money at a problem.” She asks, “Why have we allowed this to continue decade after decade?” The answer is simple: because most of us white people are unwilling to give up the privileges that keep racism in place in this country. I am also suspicious of any promise Trump makes; he promised that Mexico would pay for the border wall, but has just shut down our government because Congress did not appropriate enough money for his ill-conceived wall. Congress should not have had to appropriate one cent, according to Trump’s failed promise to get Mexico to pay.


William R. Stewart

Arlington, Va.