Sherman Should Look Into Merging Schools

To The Reader’s Forum:

My name is Cassandra Henning. I live in Sherman, N.Y., and I believe that there is a different proposition that should be brought to a vote in Sherman school district. It’s not that I don’t believe or want to put money into improvements at my children’s school.

I have two children that attend. I want more for my children but I don’t believe that this project is the answer.

I believe what we should be considering is merging schools with neighboring districts.

The school attendance is declining. The school board states they want to be able to offer more elective classes for the students. I question how they can do that when there are not enough students with interest. The board states that the schedule is in-flexible and doesn’t allow for more classes at this time but a gym will allow for more flexibility. I believe voters want what’s best for the kids and in the end the tax levy is obsolete when it’s a project to believe in. We consolidate sports now with Clymer and Panama, but Sherman’s schedule does not allow for class consolidation. Clymer and Panama were interested in starting a merger study recently but the Sherman school board declined without a vote from the district. It’s time to consider merging for better opportunities at the same level of education.

Cassandra Henning