Mother Of Victim Agrees With Judge Martoche

To The Reader’s Forum:

I read your article discussing how retired state Supreme Court Justice Salvatore R. Martoche lost his daughter due to an overdose; also about how he opposes the legalization of marijuana. First of all, he and his family have my deepest, yet unified, sympathy. I also strongly agree with his opposition to legalizing pot!

I lost my 34 years young son to an overdose. His heroin addiction had lasted for more than 10 years. He had used many different drugs during his addiction and I know for a fact that it all began with pot! I’m not saying that pot is a gateway drug for all pot smokers, but I truly suspect that most, if not all, hard drug abusers started their “lifestyle” with pot.

In order to obtain marijuana, people today are exposed to delaers whom may sell or can obtain a variety of drugs, and encourage, offer for free and may even dare these people to try the varieties.

Peer pressure is used often on children and young adults and is very hard to ignore.

The “lifestyle” is so glamorized and the health risks are routinely ignored. I read and often hear the benefits that marijuana use is supposed to offer for pain management, yet I really fear the drug use lifestyle that may result from it being legalized.

I simply believe that that risk alone far outweighs the benefits of legalizing marijuana!

Sallie Olson