Mayor Thanks Village Residents

To The Reader’s Forum:

As the year comes to a conclusion so does my term as your Mayor, I wanted to say thank you to each and every person in our village.

My 25 years serving our community have been very rewarding and it was all done for the good of the community. But it was the support of the community and the various boards that made things happen. Each member of the Village Board, Zoning Board, Planning Board and each employee, both now and in the past, have worked tirelessly to bring these projects to completion. Nothing is possible without cooperation and involvement and we have a great team of dedicated public servants, our DPW staff does a tremendous amount of work with a very small staff, our village office keeps everything running and the appointed boards are truly committed to taking their positions seriously.

I firmly believe Mayville is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. Our winters may be a little harsh but how quickly we forget about them once the spring temperatures warm us. Serving this community has brought many projects to completion and that makes me feel satisfied. I have loved every minute, although some were frustrating, in general they were very rewarding. New projects are in the works even as I leave, the biggest of which is the water infrastructure upgrades that are partially funded by grant money.

It was a sincere pleasure to have the honor of serving you as mayor, I thank you for placing your trust in me for all these years.


Martin Bova Jr.