Local History Can Be Filled With Nonsense

To The Reader’s Forum:

Jamestown was first called The Pearl City in the 1880’s, decades after the ash trade was over. I’ve asked the city to take that accursed error off their web site.

Chautauqua does not mean bag tied in the middle. George Washington never came closer than 15 miles to Findley Lake. Chautauqua Lake is not the highest navigable body of water in Chautauqua County, let alone the world.

Mayville was not named after Paul Busti’s daughter. He didn’t have a daughter. Grace Galloway did not die in her wedding dress or prom gown. Waterboro never was the largest settlement in Chautauqua County. Clymer was not named after George Clymer because 27 is the most frequent number in the bible. The number 27 isn’t even in the bible.

Erie Indians probably never lived around Chautauqua Lake and were not burned here after they lost a war. No golden French payroll was ever hidden on the Hogs Back and there was no French Fort either in Chautauqua Lake or at Volusia. La Salle did not “paddle his canoe” over Chautauqua Lake in 1630. That was 13 years before he was born.

Local history, like most other subject, is filled with errors and nonsense. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

Norman P. Carlson