A Shining City To Servicemen And Servicewomen

To The Reader’s Forum:

I was mystified to read Mr. Norman P. Carlson’s Reader’s Forum contribution on Dec. 1, 2018 regarding the designation of “The Pearl City” often associated with Jamestown. In my own Reader’s Forum submission of Nov.27, 2018, I had quoted a website that claimed that Jamestown is called “The Pearl City” because of her production of pearl ash in the mid-1820s. Mr. Carlson (in whose historical expertise I have great admiration and respect) explained that “Jamestown was first called The Pearl City in the 1880s, decades after the ash trade was over.” I was flummoxed.

How then did we get this label of “The Pearl City”? Does anyone out there know?

At the time of my writing, I had lightheartedly wondered if perhaps Jamestown was called “The Pearl City” because we are like “the proverbial shining city on the hill, a beacon to citizens far and wide to become one with its glory!”

And now, with no other plausible explanation, it turns out I might have been right! You see, before reading Mr. Carlson’s submission, I had just returned from the Blue Star Mothers Christmas Care Package event of which I had previously written. This year, our chapter sent (through the generosity of this community) 712 care packages to our deployed military men and women.

Our original goal had been to send 1,000 packages, and no sooner did the last box get posted and the dust settle than the messages starting pinging into our phones: “We want to help you meet your goal!” “Can we still donate?” “Is it too late to give?” “My organization can help!” “I am part of a civic group that wants to give to this cause.” And on and on the messages came through!

We thought we had completed our mission; but The Pearl City thought otherwise!

The word spread throughout the Jamestown community, through no effort of our own, that more donations were needed, and the drive was back on! Once again, Jamestown shone!

This Saturday (Dec. 8), we will engage round two of the 2018 Christmas Care Package Drive. It’s not too late to become part of the movement! If you’re interested, please call or text me at (716) 450-5593.

I never have been one to believe everything I read on the internet, and this incident served to reinforce that truth to me again.

But, readers, you can believe me when I tell you this: Jamestown is a shining city to many military men and women around the world this holiday season! More than 712 troops will tell you so!

I said it before, and I’ll say it again: Keep shining, Jamestown!

Kathleen Collver, Vice President

Blue Star Mothers NY4