Reader Thankful For ‘Guardian Angels’

To The Reader’s Forum:

I think this is the appropriate time of year to offer my thanks to a group of unsung heroes who live here in our community, but all too often are taken for granted. The group I refer to are the first responders here in Jamestown; EMT’s, Starflight pilots and flight nurses, firefighters and police.

Six weeks ago I sustained what might have been serious injuries from a fall. From what I have been told, this was no ordinary rescue. It took a coordinated effort from a number of first responders to extricate me from the area I had fallen into. Response time was incredible; I am told three minutes for the EMT’s to arrive. The Jamestown Fire Department as well as the Jamestown Police Department arrived with needed equipment and additional manpower. In what seemed like no time, this group had me lifted to solid ground, in an ambulance and to the helipad for a quick flight to UPMC Hamot in Erie.

Many people have told me I must have had a “guardian angel” watching over me that day. Maybe so; but there was also another group of angels at work that day; our first responders. I will never be able to thank this group of “angels” enough for their efforts on my behalf that day. They had no idea when first called what type of situation might be thrown their way; but they handled it professionally, working together as a team. Also, thank you to the two EMT’s, who later that evening stopped in the Hamot ER to check on me. They had transferred a patient from Jamestown to Erie and while there, of their own volition, checked on my status.

While I do not know the names of my “angels”, I am so grateful for your service to our community. Now in this holiday season having just celebrated Thanksgiving, I offer thanks from the bottom of my heart to each and every one of you.

Hugh B. Golden

Lake View Cemetery Association