Local Blue Star Mothers Collecting Items

To The Reader’s Forum:

I was recently reminiscing about a childhood memory of a name given to Jamestown — The Pearl City. I have often wondered about this name. A quick search on the internet revealed this about Jamestown’s history in the early 1800s:

“During the clearing of the land for agricultural and small industrial purposes, the abundant forests were utilized virtually as a ‘cash crop’ employer. Hardwood too heavy to float downstream and too expensive to transport overland to market was burned and the ash leeched to obtain lye and ‘pearl ash’, an important component in the manufacture of glass products. By the mid 1820s, the area became one of the largest centers in North America for the production of pearl ash. As a result of this distinction, Jamestown became known as the ‘The Pearl City’.” http://www.jamestownny.net/community-history/the-pearl-city/

Who knew? I always thought Jamestown was called The Pearl City because it was like the proverbial shining city on the hill, a beacon to citizens far and wide to become one with its glory!

I like the ash story enough — but I like my thoughts on this city even more!

As we enter the busyness of Thanksgiving and Christmas, I am reminded again of the magic of this season in our Pearl City — not just in the many personal enjoyments and cultural events, but also in our outreach to others. I am convinced that the greater Jamestown community cannot be outdone in kindness and big-heartedness by any other. And no more is this more evident than in our community’s support of the Blue Star Mothers Christmas Care Package Project. Last year, at Christmas alone, our chapter was able to send out 920 care packages to our deployed men and women around the world – all of that the result of the generosity of this community!

Once again, our chapter of the Blue Star Mothers will be sending these care packages to our military men and women who will not be home for Christmas. We would like to invite you to be part of the glory of this Pearl City by becoming part of this experience. Would you like to join us in packing, or give toward this event? We are packing on Saturday, December 1, at 9 a.m. at the Fluvanna Community Church, and we are accepting donations until then. Please contact by text or phone call to (716) 450-5593 to be part of this.

And keep shining, Jamestown!

Thank you,

Kathleen Collver