Don’t Sit This One Out — You Must Go Vote

To The Reader’s Forum:

If you believe that what makes America great is self evident in the Declaration of Independence, “…that all men are created equal…” that those born of different religious beliefs or of another race, sex, color or creed are no less human than anyone else, you must vote!

If you believe that America is great because of her history of welcoming diversity to her lifted “…lamp beside the golden door.”

You must vote!

If you believe Constitutional amendments cannot be changed by executive order and that the very first one gives the press and the people the right to speak truth to power without being vilified as enemies, you must vote!

If you believe you have a right to maintain your health as fundamental to, life, liberty and happiness without suffering financial ruin, you must vote! You cannot sit this one out!

Remember, remember the 6th of November!

Kyle Anderson