Consider The Benefits Of Capitalism

To The Reader’s Forum:

There are very few heroes in economics but for me the best of the best was Nikolai Kondratieff, who was shot by firing squad on the orders of Stalin in 1938. His execution was ordered because his academic work propounded that the capitalist system would survive the Great Depression of 1929 and the U.S.S.R.’s Socialist, Marxist system was doomed to fail.

This truth Stalin did not want to hear, thus Nikolai was executed after serving 15 years in prison and his work suppresed for over two decades. Kondratieff’s analysis points how international capitalism had navigated through many depression and as such were a normal function of mercantile credit system. One can conclude that capitalism works and socialist Marxism does not work. Hence, the fall of the U.S.S.R. Something to consider as we approach the next recession/depression.

Present-day Venezuela has been controlled by left wing social Marxism for two decades. If you were to vacation there and wanted to visit the zoo, you may want to reconsider. Not that it’s closed, but because the animals have been eaten by the people.

The Venezuelans are starving. This is the fruit of socialistic Marxism. So when you listen to socialistic Marxist politicians tout how wonderful socialism and Marxism is, take a deep breath and consider the benefits of capitalism.

Its not perfect and it’s hard on folks, but it works.

Rex Willard