Reader Disagrees With View On Gov. Cuomo

To The Reader’s Forum:

Wow, our friend from Busti has really done himself proud with his lastest hate-filled diatribe (“Cuomo Says Filth All Leftists Believe”). I remember when it was just us selfish baby boomers that he blamed for all the country’s woes. Now he has lumped everyone who might be considered a loathsome liberal into a group that is trying to destroy Western Civilization and reverse the Industrial Revolution. Good grief, Charlie Brown!

The final paragraph is especially disturbing, as that is what is wrong with our country today, especially in the White House. Isn’t it possible to disagree civilly, without ranting, raving, and resorting to vicious name-calling? And while we’re at it, let’s question the patriotism of everyone who doesn’t share our view, and accuse them of trying to destroy our society.

Gary Swanson

New Smyrna Beach, Fla.