Liberals Love America, Despite All Its Ugliness

To The Reader’s Forum:

I just read a letter to the readers Forum that called Gov. Cuomo “filthy.” I thought that was extreme, even for the author.

Cuomo’s message is “filth”? What I heard the governor say was that we can improve as a country. That we have had some egregious failings in our past, the biggest of which was slavery. We have corrected most of them, but we’re still a work in progress.

How the author conflates that into a hatred of conservatives, is really beyond me.

Liberals didn’t “highjack the environmental movement.” The Trump administration abandoned it. Remember Pruit, who gutted the Environmental Protection Agency, and treated the U.S. treasury as his personal piggy bank in the process? I’ve got news — renewable energy is not a pipe dream. Several countries produce a significant part of their energy requirements by use of alternate, renewable energy. The use of such energy is necessary to slow the effects of climate change, which is nearing the talked about “tipping point” where it would be irreversible. But he probably doesn’t believe that either.

Liberals are not a squalid mass of hypocrites who hate America or anything else. We — and I include myself — love this country as much as anyone. We have served in the armed forces to defend it, and our blood is as red as any conservative’s.

So calm down, ease up and enjoy your life. Nobody is trying to destroy it.

Samuel C. Alessi