Ellicott Town Board Needs To Take Action

To The Reader’s Forum:

I own property along Chautauqua Lake in Fluvanna and after reading the article entitled “Ellicott Sets Meeting on Lake Issues” dated Sept. 22, 2018, I felt that I needed to reply.

First, I want to thank the Ellicott Town Board for scheduling a meeting to discuss the condition of the lake. I must add that if the board really wanted to hear from all residents, then they would have picked a more convenient time than a Monday at 4 p.m. Many residents will be working at that time, so I hope it was not an attempt to keep the headcount low, thus trying to minimize the issue.

Secondly, making a point to separate the residents that live on the lake from those that do not, shows a clear lack of understanding that Chautauqua Lake affects us all. All residents benefit from the lake, either directly or indirectly. It also minimizes the fact that those that do live on the lake pay a significant higher tax assessment for that privilege.

Thirdly, we do not expect our Town Supervisor to be a scientist, but we do expect him to listen to one. The Chautauqua Lake Partnership has funded several scientific studies by those that are scientist, so the expectation Is to educate yourself on their findings. They can help you answer why this has been such a bad year for weed growth and algae bloom.

Now, just in case this is not clear, the center of our economy is Chautauqua Lake. It is the foundation of any potential economic growth in the region. If we do not care for the lake, we will never sustain any long-term plan to grow our economy and improve everyone’s way of life in the region.

If it is a money issue, what has been done to raise money? If it is a State Issue, what has been done to garner support to approach the State?

We need our Town Board to stop trying to pacify or divide us, but to lead us.


Patrick J. Appleby



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