Truckers’ Use Of Jake Brakes Are Nonsense

To The Reader’s Forum:

My 6 a.m. “wake up call” has become the grating sound of some truckers playing with their Jacobsen Brakes (Jake Brakes) as they head westbound across the lake!

The sheriff says there’s no law against it (unless they have illegal mufflers) and the state DOT says they can’t restrict the use because its a “safety feature” for trucks on steep inclines! Sad thing is, having been around the industry, the incline westbound across the bridge in no way presents a stopping hazard! For the most part they’re on an uphill ramp to the exit! Second, the obvious strong downshifting combined with engine revving allows for an especially creative series of very, very loud snap, crackle, and pops much to the delight of the driver! The “regular” culprit is a fuel delivery truck that goes south into Lakewood then ends up at Hogans Hut … but there are others and it’s not restricted to a 6 a.m. wake up! That’s just the one that gets my day going!

It’s more than obvious what the drivers game is! So yes, you win. You’ve made life miserable, so you’re welcome to stop anytime now! I’d also ask the town of North Harmony and town of Ellery to get involved and ask the state of New York to stop the nonsense!

Seems like we are rightfully so all concerned about the quality of Chautauqua Lake! Isn’t this a lake quality issue, too?

David Groth