In Politics, ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’

To The Reader’s Forum:

In today’s political environment, life is stressful. Politics, after all, is war. If you can’t lose your business, your wealth, your health and your freedom, you probably should not get involved. This is the price you pay for the life you have chosen. Behind every political leader you will find an army. The higher up you are in that army, the more trouble you will experience.

It would be best for everyone if they followed the Golden Rule (do unto others). Sadly, this is unlikely. Example: I passionately support pro-life. Do you think a passionate pro-choice individual is going to get along with me? The concept of agree to disagree is merely a smoke screen. The late Sen. Pat McGee told me years ago when I ran for county clerk and took a beating, “Rex,” she said, “what goes around comes around.” Believe me it’s best to keep things civil and stick with issues. That’s what folks want.

Rex V. Willard