Critics Of Green Energy Should Consider Hydro

To The Reader’s Forum:

A few days ago my friend Rolland Kidder wrote an article about so called fracking for natural gas wells. I’m sure he was sincere in assessing the merits of the process as opposed to cleaner sources of energy, noting that the wind doesn’t always blow, or the sun always shine. But he neglected to mention hydro power, which we have in abundance here in the northeast. That would be a good substitute for his “green firm energy.”

Another thing he forgot to mention is all the negatives about fracking, and the reasons that New York State won’t allow it. Things like the millions of gallons of water and toxic chemicals it takes to fracture one well, and the continuous train of trucks to deliver that water over access roads. Or the explosions deep under the surface which have caused mini earthquakes in Oklahoma and Pennsylvania. Or the 24-hour klieg lights and drilling sounds close to residences. Or the polluting of nearby water wells that people rely on for good drinking water.

It seems to me that these are very good reasons for New York’s ban on the process.

Samuel C. Alessi