City, Founders Should Be Proud With NCC

To The Reader’s Forum:

The city of Jamestown and the founders of the National Comedy Center are to be congratulated.

Conceiving and creating this World Class celebration of comedy would be a major accomplishment and amenity for any city.

I encourage the community to wholeheartedly embrace and support this brilliant new asset.

It is sure to be an economic engine for the city and region.

I spent hundreds of dollars during a day long visit and got full value for it, attending special events, a performance by Lily Tomlin, visiting shops, cafes and restaurants — all within an easy walk of each other in a once again bustling downtown.

The Comedy Center itself was a delight. The multifaceted exhibits are ingeniously designed and great fun.

A two hour visit barely scratched the surface and demands further exploration.

Importantly, the Center seems to have the support of those who are celebrated within it’s walls. Celebrity comedians and producers in attendance during the grand opening events were enthusiastic about the experience and easily approachable. I met LAUGH IN creator, George Schlatter, political satirist, Mark Russel, comedians, Judy Gold, Paul Provenza, Lewis Black, producer and manager of comedy legends, George Shapiro and Mark Krantz, producer of PBS’s Mark Twain Prize For American Comedy.

I look forward to visiting again and bringing friends and family to share it with.

Michael Mikula

Cleveland, Ohio