Lakewood Mayor Searches For Manager We Haven’t Voted For

To The Reader’s Forum:

When we had our village meeting on June 25 to discuss the total change of how we govern Lakewood, I did not hear one person, beside the mayor, say what a great idea this is. I do recall being told that it would require a village vote. Why, then, are the mayor and her crew determined to continue the search for a village manager position?

The village hasn’t even voted on whether or not we want this monumental change in how our village is run. The mayor said that there would be a zero impact to the present budget. How about our future budgets? This from a mayor who, in two years, has raised our taxes 11.75 percent!

The mayor kept saying at the June 25 meeting she was surprised at the large turnout of concerned residents. Well, let’s surprise her even more at the next meeting on Monday, July 23. We surely don’t need a mayor and a village manager for a village of 2,944 population.

Nancy W. Jones