Complaining Doesn’t Solve The Problem

To The Reader’s Forum:

After the long, cold winter we endured, I’ve been enjoying lunchtime walks again. The day is beautiful, but trash tossed out car windows by thoughtless passersby catches my eye and makes me fume. Why can’t “they” dispose of their empty drink bottles at their destination? They’re so rude! But, you know, while I can’t make them come back and pick up after themselves, I can do something about it. The next day I bring a garbage bag, some gloves and gather up the junk that litters my walkway. I didn’t cause the mess, but I can clean it up and enjoy a trash-free walk.

What’s your pet peeve? Does the trash along the roadway bug you, too? How about the jerks in government? Maybe lazy people on welfare? Racial injustices? Drug addicts? Kids who drop out of school? Parents who don’t raise their kids right?

Whatever your pet peeve, you didn’t cause the problem but I’m sure you’ve noticed that complaining about it doesn’t fix the problem. It’s still there. All you’ve done by fuming in silence or complaining to someone else is upset yourself and others. But, with some thought, I’m betting you can come up with something to make the situation better. Get involved in electing someone who represents your values. Volunteer to teach job skills to the unemployed. Listen to someone with a different point of view to understand where they’re coming from. Mentor young moms or kids in school.

Of course you won’t fix the whole problem, but you can make a positive difference. “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” Theodore Roosevelt.

Marie Vos