Think Big, Jamestown

To The Reader’s Forum:

An opportunity missed? The Jamestown Community is investing heavily in the “National Comedy Center” in hopes this venue will draw tourists and notoriety to the Center and Jamestown as a whole. But, looking online (wikipedia) for ‘Hall’s of Fame’ I do not see a ‘Hall of Fame’ for comedy.

Jamestown must establish “The World Comedy Hall of Fame.”

Maybe the planners think Jamestown too small or unworthy of a World Class Facility. But think Cooperstown, and Canton. Both are small towns, with big Hall’s of Fame.

Maybe set up entrant categories. Female; Male; comedy pair; comedy couple; comedy group; comedian of the year. A yearly induction ceremony would draw world wide attention. A win win for the “National Comedy Center” and for Jamestown.

Hard to imagine the cost would not be offset by the tourism created.

Come on Jamestown, think Big Time… Not small town.

Doug Bloomberg

Meridianville, Ala.