Repealing ACA Could Mean Life Or Death

To The Reader’s Forum:

I am concerned about the possible bill that would repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

There is a huge amount of fear that if this bill were to go into place that millions would be without health insurance. The bill looks at getting rid of ACA and proposes to put in its place a new healthcare act. By allowing this bill, healthy young people can have the ability to opt out of having insurance. By doing this, there is a loss of balance and health insurance premiums will go up for those that need it the most.

The bill proposes to use block grants, which would then leave the states to take care of any extra costs such as recession, natural disasters and public health emergencies. The block grants could lead to a total coverage loss of more than 20 million people. There will also be a long delay for some when it comes to being approved for coverage.

The new proposal would make it so that to receive insurance you must have proper identification, not only for documented immigrants, but for the young and old. Because the bill is looking for documentation verification. This will directly affect newborns, citizens that have recently changed their name (newlyweds), citizens born abroad and those with any type of error in their Social Security.

Repealing and replacing (if there is an actual plan), could mean, literally, life or death for someone.

Kathleen Jackowski,