Farmers Need Ability To Modernize Their Facilities

To The Reader’s Forum:

The farm economy is currently struggling. Prices remain low across the board from dairy and grapes to beef and grains. It can be challenging in a time like this for farmers to afford to reinvest into their family businesses. One of the only things that can help make that possible is the real property tax exemption for new farm construction. However, the exemption is set to expire at the end of this year and must be renewed by the state legislature.

It is important for farmers to have the ability to build a new barn, milking parlor or stable, whatever fits their needs to modernize their facilities. By doing so, we can improve efficiencies, diversify our farms, better take care of livestock or expand for the next generation of farmers. In addition, this money recirculates in our rural communities for the goods and services that the construction requires.

Chautauqua County Farm Bureau encourages Senator Cathy Young and Assembly member Andy Goodell to support S. 8067/A. 10057 this legislative session and renew the 10-year real property tax exemption. It not only supports family farms but also our local economy.

Dick Kimball, president

Chautauqua County Farm Bureau