A Fairy-Tale Ending For The Lakewood Library

To The Reader’s Forum:

Once upon a time, the village of Lakewood had a memorial library. The patrons of the library were very happy with all of the services they provided. For many reasons, the village trustees and the town board needed to cut library funds on a yearly basis. The library patrons were sad. Then they found out that the Southwestern school district will have a budget vote on Tuesday, May 15, 2018. Included in the proposed school budget will be a separate Referendum 259 for the school district to fund the Lakewood library and Hazeltine (Busti) library with the budgeted funds. The library patrons were very excited because this amount will actually lower the amount paid in library funds for residents of Lakewood and Busti. The patrons and library board members worked very hard to help other taxpayers know this. Referendum 259 passed and the patrons of the Lakewood and Hazeltine libraries lived happily ever after.

Jerry Holmes