Lack Of Support To Climate Accord Helps No One

To the Reader’s Forum:

The United States is the only country on the planet that does not support the Paris Climate Accord. Syria, torn by civil war, just signed the agreement joining Lebanon Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. North and South Korea are both on board. Russia has signed the accord. Europe is moving forward without us. China has become a world leader in reducing carbon emissions by developing future energy systems while Mr. Trump struggles to keep a 19th century energy source alive. Iran and Israel both agree that humankind is changing the climate of the planet and that we all must work together to keep our home conducive to human life. Mr. Trump, alone, thinks differently.

It might be noble to stand apart if there was any indication that his position is supported by anything other than pettiness. Mr. Trump builds golf courses and hotels, ran beauty pageants and was a TV game show host. That is not the kind of experience that inspires confidence when standing against the world on a subject so mind-bogglingly complex, one that affects the daily lives of millions and will affect the lives of billions. Mr. Trump offers no credible scientific basis for his position. He does not offer up alternative explanations for the observed and measured changes to climate across the globe. His sole argument is that it is a bad deal. In my opinion, he opposes the accord simply because of spite; because President Obama signed the accord and Mr. Trump is largely using his presidency and the fortunes of the American people as a personal vendetta against his predecessor.

We will pay dearly for being foolish enough to put this petulant man-child into such a position of power. When our nation is in need of help our former allies will remember our self-serving actions and hesitate to raise a helping hand because now, for them, it might just be a bad deal.

Tom Meara



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