Who Does Tom Reed Represent?

To the Readers’ Forum:

The question ”Who does Tom reed Represent” has never been more front and center since Donald Trump took up residency in our White house.

Reed’s voting record clearly points out that Reed’s ”party first” mentality could not be more clear to everyone.

I contacted Reed’s office weeks ago with a concern regarding our national security, a concert shared by the vast majority of Americans. That concert posed to Reed was ”Will you support the naming of an indepencent council to investigate the link between the Trump campaign and Russia?” Although a simple ”yes” or ”no” would suffice, no response has been forthcoming. Tom Reed chose to duck that concern in favor of defending the most dishonest and dysfunctional administration in recent history.Why would he defend the constant flow of lies and cover ups?

A review of Tom Reed’s voting record clearly points out who he represents.

For example, he (Reed) opposed every attempt for a living wage; he opposed a measure that would release Trump’s secret tax returns, a measure that is support by 64 percent of ?Americans. Is Reed aware of what Trump is hiding? He supports Trump’s executive orders that allow polluting of our air and water. he supports Trump’;s great wall of Mexico, even though it is no more than a new tax on his own constituents, many of whom blindly support him. He supports the new Trump Care plan that will leave millions unable to afford premiums for this ”wonderful” plan.

Reed is fully aware of the winners and losers in the placement of ACA. Those winners are: 1) younger Americans; 2) the wealthiest Americans; 3) once again, the greedy healthcare industry. The losers are obvious to Reed and everyone: 1) poor Americans; 2) sick Americans; 3) elderly Americans, the most vulnerable Americans.

Who does Tom Reed represent? You may contact his office, but he’s not talking.

Sam Sabino



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