Reader Believes Trump Should Be Given A Chance

To The Reader’s Forum:

I can’t help but question some of the “facts” in Mr. Alessi’s Sunday letter. I acknowledge I do know Mr. and Mrs. Pfaff nor Mr. Alessi personally. My first impression of the Pfaffs was formed by their recent letter which seems to me to be fair to the President. After all, it’s been FIFTY days. Give him a chance, we did for Obama, EIGHT YEARS! My impression of Mr. Alessi has been formed by his legal reputation along with many opinions he has submitted to the Forum. Obviously, we do not share the same Democratic philosophy but am amazed by his lifelong party loyalty.

I believe Alessi’s opening paragraph was not very respectful to the Pfaffs. It suggests they do not have the ability to form independent views of President Trump. They have been hypnotized by Fox News and the Trump machine. So, what’s wrong with Fox News, that it’s fair and balanced presenting both sides? Not fair to condemn a view that perhaps you have not seen based on your opinion of the source! Who are you comparing to Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse?

Hopefully, someone will explain why in fifty days Trump becomes a liar but Democrats never admit that their President, who falsely, proudly extolls his health program promising, “you can retain your own doctor” plus add 30 million participants and not increase the programs cost. Your Secretary of State that participated in a lie that cost the lives of four of her employees. For weeks, she and her machine deceived the world by not admitting her mistake, that the battle in Benghazi was the result of a propaganda video. They arrested its producer. Both Hillary and Obama knew the truth at the beginning. Congress has been “investigating”, at great expense, a tragedy which could have been avoided.

Maybe this is the point where a person’s perception of “truth” be examined. No one admits to political double standards then how can it be OK to lie if it furthers one’s personal ambition or his party machine. But only for his views…not the opposition! Mr. Alessi fears for our country should President Trump be successful, but then, so does Bill Clinton and Chuck Schumer. For centuries people feared walking too close to the edge of the world, they would fall off! Then truth prevailed and we finally had to admit…the earth is round!

Leo A. Wilcox