Doctor’s Good Deed Goes  A Long Way For Kindness

To The Reader’s Forum:

Like many others, last week I was doing some last minute shopping. I happened to be at Walmart and I was on a mission. List in hand, rushing, looking to get it done and get out. I stood in the check-out line, there was a gentleman standing two people in front of me. He looked vaguely familiar, although I wasn’t quite sure I knew him. As I stood in line, he spoke with one gentleman, then with a two minute break, he spoke to another shopper who came over to him to wish him a Merry Christmas and chat. The woman didn’t take much of his time, their conversation was probably only four minutes long, and was not loud enough for anyone to hear. The entire time they chatted, he listened attentively and never did his attention wander. I then realized it was Dr. Thomas Woloszyn.

The female patient he was speaking with walked away from him and said loudly to anyone who was within earshot, “That’s Dr. Woloszyn, the best doctor ever!”

The reason I write now is that it’s been two weeks since that occurrence and it made such an impression on me. During what can be a crazy and hectic time of year for many, one doctor on his own personal time, took the time to handle “a work-related matter” while doing a bit of last minute shopping himself. Not once did he ever make that woman feel she was bothersome or intruding on his personal time. He could not have been more polite and courteous than he was. It is no wonder she said he is the “best doctor ever!”

It’s a small reminder of how people should be treated and when you think that nobody is watching or paying attention, someone is. It would have been very easy for him to have brushed her off and asked she call his office the following day. He didn’t. he took the time and treated her as I’m sure he would want to be treated if the situation were reversed.

At a time when we all need a gentle reminder to be kind, patient and treat others with respect that was exactly what I saw take place between a doctor and a patient at 8 p.m. in a Wal-Mart check-out line.

Kelly A. Johnson,



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