I’ll Take My Chances With The Loose Cannon

To The Reader’s Forum:

While I admit it’s a pretty scary scenario having Donald Trump as the Republican candidate for the President of the United States, can we really afford another four years of the Democratic business as usual attitude and Congressional gridlock? Not to mention a Hillary Clinton who has no credibility and a dishonest reputation that goes back to her dealings in a Whitewater scandal which almost derailed her dishonest Husband’s run for President of the United States many years ago.

The main reason Trump isn’t being backed by the GOP big names is because they know he won’t play ball with their games of deceit and favorite money backers that continue to give them enormous amounts of cash to keep them in office. I believe it’s a breath of fresh air from the middle class and hard workers of this country that want to see our veterans treated with dignity and the benefits promised them when they took an oath to protect this land of ours instead of giving it to countries who really don’t like us. Take the money spent on foreign lands and rebuild our infrastructure that is in dire need of repair.

Loose cannon? Maybe. But I’d rather take that chance than continue down the road to nowhere. Just my humble opinion.

Larry Anderson

Bemus Point