After Months Of Talk, The 2024 Eclipse Is Here

We’ve seen all of the trailers, seen old photos and heard from all the experts. Today, Mother Nature trumps all of the movie studios and brings you a literal once-in-a-lifetime blockbuster event.

Of course, we’re talking about the solar eclipse. Chautauqua and Warren county residents find themselves living in some of the best seats in the house for today’s eclipse. We usually have to pay to see what Mother Nature does today for free.

We’ve heard about all the preparations and the potential elbow-to-elbow traffic of visitors coming to our area because we’re in the path of totality for this year’s eclipse. It would be easy to hear all of the warnings and decide to skip the eclipse altogether. But enjoying the eclipse doesn’t mean a trip to a tourist destination – just a trip outside your front door or the front door of the place where you work. And, if dealing with humanity isn’t a turn-off, check out the Chautauqua County Visitors’ Bureau schedule of events. There are plenty of places to go if you want to share the eclipse experience with eclipse chasers.

Most of us are pretty busy with work and family, chores, obligations and responsibilities. Today is the perfect day to take a few minutes away, take a deep breath and turn your eyes to the sky. Whether it’s a quiet few minutes with family in the back yard or standing elbow-to-elbow with someone from out-of-town, seize this once-in-a-lifetime moment.


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