Falconer Should Consider Chadakoin River Proposal

Falconer officials are going to further consider a proposal to clear hazards from the Chadakoin River within the village’s limits.

It’s something the village should consider – though we note it may make sense to include the town of Ellicott in these discussions if they proceed.

The Chadakoin River could be a wonderful resource for Jamestown, Falconer and Ellicott. Jamestown has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal stimulus money to both clear debris from the river but also in eradicating a Tree-of-Heaven infestation and streambank stabilization projects. That comes after millions of dollars to construct the Chadakoin Riverwalk and state funding for pedestrian bridges near the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities.

Falconer could follow a similar path. It must, of course, make financial sense to do so – but the benefits are obvious. Clearing debris and stabilizing streambanks is an ecologically wise choice, and the village could see payoffs in terms of hiking and small boat activity in and along the river.

The question for Falconer officials – as well as Jamestown officials, to be honest – is how important they want the Chadakoin River to be in day-to-day life. If the river is going to become an activity hub then the investment in clearing debris from the river and stabilizing its streambanks is probably worth it. If the river is going to remain an afterthought, then the investment makes little sense.


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