A Reminder That Need Knows No Season

Last week, Conduit Ministries’ food truck spent a couple of hours in Brooklyn Square serving meals and providing winter clothing to those who needed it.

So many people visited the truck that it ran out of supplies. There is no better sign of the need facing the Jamestown community than an empty truck with a line of people waiting. Give credit to Crystal Surdyk, city development director, for getting the Conduit volunteers in touch with Bonnie Weber, a city resident who is herself working to help those in need of a helping hand.

Conduit doesn’t have the ability right now to store food and clothing, so those who want to help are asked to make a donation on the church website so the church can purchase the items as needed to continue what is apparently a necessary weekend outreach program to the community. Donations are accepted at conduitministries.churchcenter.com/giving.

We know the St. Susan Center has seen increasing need over the past several years. We hear often from the UCAN City Mission when it needs the community’s help with supplies. This community has a long history of coming together to take care of its own. While we see it most clearly during the holiday season with Thanksgiving dinner drives and efforts to make sure Christmas cheer makes its way to as many families as possible, what happened a couple of weekends ago is a stark reminder that need knows no season.

It’s also a reminder for policy makers at all levels that all the rosy economic statistics being trotted out don’t mean much for those standing in line for a meal outside a church food truck on a cold Saturday in February when supplies start running low. The need is real, no matter what politicians running for office say about economy.


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