Midway State Park Additions Are An Opportunity To Create New Family Memories

There have been a lot of changes at Midway Park over the past few decades.

Some cherished rides — like the chair swings, the Paratrooper or the Dragon — have been removed. The park’s configuration has changed over the years. Even the name has changed a bit when the state purchased the park from former owners Michael and Janice Walsh.

But those who take their children to the park this weekend will see a new ferris wheel ride near the park’s recently improved miniature golf course. It’s an addition that’s some four years in the making as park officials partnered with the Friends of Midway State Park and Natural Heritage Trust. The ferris wheel will be open this weekend as long as state Labor Department approvals are received in time. The 1946 Number Five Ferris Wheel is the same model that was seen at Midway Park in the 1970s — meaning the new ride is entirely in character for the Ellery park.

Marla Connelly, park manager for state parks in Chautauqua County, noted a Twister ride will be installed once parts are custom-made and installed while other rides that fit Midway’s historic nature are under consideration as well.

Despite its changes, Midway State Park has been a cherished part of growing up in Chautauqua County for decades. It’s nice to see the park grow and remain a place for children to make cherished memories they will one day share with their children.


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