Don’t Count On Scooters To Raise Serious Money In Jamestown, And Be Ready For Some Issues

It shouldn’t be hard for Jamestown City Council members to have their questions regarding a proposed scooter program answered.

All they have to do is ask their counterparts in Dunkirk and Fredonia.

First off, don’t expect a huge financial boost from the program. The north county communities raised about $1,600 combined from the program, an amount our sister paper the OBSERVER likened to snowflakes in a blizzard. There were a few problems with vandalism, some scooters weren’t returned to the rental station and instead dumped in hard-to-find locations, some were tossed into Lake Erie. That’s a problem, but frankly it’s the company’s problem, not the municipality’s.

The concern raised by Nancy Nichols, Dunkirk Common Council member, that pertains most to Jamestown would seem to be riders being careless. Depending on where the scooters are being used in Jamestown careless riders would seem to be a problem — particularly if the riders are careless near intersections where there are already a lot of accidents.

On the plus side, the scooters in the north county were used. And we imagine they would be used in Jamestown, too.

This is a program the council should give serious consideration to approving as long as it isn’t banking on a ton of money from the rental of scooters and as long as city officials are ready to deal with the issues seen in Dunkirk and Fredonia.


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