City Resident Goes Above And Beyond Creating Permanent Alexis Hughan Memorial

The makeshift memorial that sprung up quickly after 16-year-old Alexis Hughan was killed by a tractor-trailer more than a year ago was a beautifully spontaneous outpouring of support for Hughan’s family.

But something more lasting was still needed.

Thumbs up, then, to city resident Melissa Paterniti for taking it upon herself to make that permanent memorial a reality. Paterniti began speaking to city officials and council members about how to go about raising money and donating the memorial to the city so it can be placed in Dow Park. City officials have worked with Paterniti to help make the plans a reality — and the community did the rest.

A recent fundraiser came with a $3,000 goal, with that money to place a memorial bench and picnic table in the park. Area residents and businesses donated dozens of gift baskets and other items for Paterniti’s fundraiser, which ended up raising $5,000. Once the bench and picnic table are installed in the park, the next step will be to determine how to use the remaining money that has been raised for the memorial project.

Kudos to Paterniti for channeling her efforts into something so worthwhile. It should never be surprising when the community comes together for a good cause. We’ve told hundreds of stories over the years detailing businesses and regular people who give their time and talents to help others. Once again, the greater Jamestown community has come together in a big way — and the generosity on display is a testament both to the kindness we’ve come to know and love and the level of hurt the community felt for Hughan and her family.


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