Jamestown Police Have Made Good On Promises To Increase Community Presence

By now, chances are most of our readers have seen video posted to the Jamestown Police Department Facebook page showing officer Jakki Martin-Ahlbin rescuing a dog from the water near the Riverwalk.

It was just the latest of the department’s posts showing officers in the midst of community policing activities — helping their neighbors, taking a few minutes from a patrol to spend time with neighborhood children or taking part in community causes or fundraisers.

These activities aren’t new. The Post-Journal has written these types of stories often over the years. But the use of social media — and having someone who has a gift for using social media apps — is spreading the Jamestown Police Department’s community actions to an even larger audience.

Community relations was one of the areas city officials, the community and the police department itself included as a focus in the state Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative Plan submitted to the state in 2021.

Consider that task completed.


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