Hochul Should Have Listened To Voters On Statewide Redistricting

There are times we wonder just who the heck our elected officials think they are.

We’ve wondered it about both Republicans and Democrats, but the latest example is Gov. Kathy Hochul’s signing of a bill that dramatically weakens the power of the Independent Redistricting Commission only weeks after voters statewide rejected an amendment to the state Constitution that also weakened the commission.

Most people would take the voters’ rejection of Proposition 1 on the November election ballot as a sign that voters want to see the Independent Redistricting Commission have a real opportunity to work. But by signing legislation passed earlier this year by the state Legislature allowing the legislature to draw new state legislative and congressional boundaries if the commission doesn’t pass a plan by Jan. 15, Hochul has thumbed her nose at voters.

Why would Democrats on the redistricting commission work with Republicans to pass a plan when they know that by sitting on their hands until Jan. 15, the Democratic Party can draw the lines however they choose?

Voters spoke clearly in November that they disagreed with election and redistricting policies pushed by Democrats. Evidently, Hochul has chosen not to listen –or couldn’t hear the voice of the voters through her partisan earmuffs.


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